EACS is part of the Trust of St Benedict's Abbey, Ealing, a registered charity.  The Trustees are members of the Monastic Community based in Ealing.  Our relationship with them dates back to 1993 when the founder members met with the (then) Parish Priest, Father Vincent, who supported and enabled the creation of a counselling service which could offer affordable longer term counselling for residents in the local area.

Our trustees let out the 1st and 2nd floors of 1a Montpelier Avenue to us at a negligible rent, without which we would not be able to run. They also provide invaluable support at nominal cost to us by way of accountancy, IT and general maintenance support.

There is a management committee which meets twice a year.  The committee members are:

Abbot Martin Shipperlee (Chair of Trustees)
Geoff McMullen (Chairman)
Catherine de Cintra (Trust Bursar)
Caroline Fry
Mary Corrigan

The EACS Directorate - Judi Keshet-Orr, Zosia Bienkowska and Deborah Saville attend these meetings. 

The Trust of St Benedict's Abbey, Ealing has its own website portal: