Survivors of Sexual Abuse Group

One in four people have experienced childhood sexual abuse or negect... Are you one of them?
Ealing Abbey Counselling Service is running a new group with you in mind.
This mixed group for adult survivors of abuse will offer a safe and confidential space to gain support. It is open to people of all sexual preferences who want to come to terms with childhood sexual trauma.

The effects of childhood sexual abuse emotional abuse or neglect can be toxic. These can include; low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, fear of intimacy, shame - guilt, substance abuse, social withdrawal, numbness and an inability to form trusting relationships.


The emphasis of this group is to be therapeutic and supportive.  Over the course of the four weeks the group will explore issues around self-esteem, anger, assertiveness and trauma whilst also providing positive tools to help build and strengthen relationships.


Course Facilitators

Richard Simpson

Richard is an experienced and accredited psychotherapist, couples counsellor and trauma specialist.  He works with individuals who have experienced severe emotional abuse and who want to find new ways to build trusting and intimate relationships.  Richard is also a clinical supervisor at Ealing Abbey and an established trainer.


Maja Zivkovic

Maja is a qualified Transactional Analysis counsellor and a member of BACP.

She works with clients who have experienced emotional and sexual abuse. She

practices at Ealing Abbey Counselling Service as an clinical assessor and a


Venue & Time

The group will run over three Saturdays (10am - 3pm) and one Wednesday evening (7pm - 9pm) in September 2010.


The cost to attend the full course is 150.  This can be paid in full or in 4 parts over the course of the 4 meeting dates. 


Please contact Ealing Abbey Counselling Service main office in the first instance (020 8998 3361) or email us with your contact details (see the 'Contact' page).  Our administrator will pass your contact details onto the facilitators who will then telephone you directly.